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Date: Aug 18, 2017
“I had an extremely positive experience. These last couple of days have been very hot and humid. One day my AC decided to break down in the middle of the hottest day. My home was unbearable and the heat was so bad that it gave my child a nose bleed. I called several places I found on yelp and no one was available until the following week. I called CWP and they sent Marvin and Phil within two hours. Those guys are amazing at what they do! They were professional and kind. I felt bad because the house was so hot and both Marvin and Phil were drenched in sweat. Anyway, they fixed the problem inside the furnace and left. Not too long after, the outside unit had another issue (important to say that this AC unit is older) at which I called CWP again. They sent Marvin and Lucio. They fixed that issue and now my AC is running fine! I don't know anything about Air Conditioners and I was afraid that someone would take advantage of me being that I'm a single mom with no knowledge of how this kind of stuff works. However, Marvin explained everything to me in detail every step of the way and answered all of my questions. The best part is that they were available right away, they were compassionate towards our problem and they really cared! The gentlemen who work in the office are also very kind and professional, I thank them for everything they did for me and my child. Everything was priced fairly and I felt that they were transparent, professional and fair. Thank you CWP! You saved the day! ” ~ Elizabeth Camarena - Cerritos, CA