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Location of Job: Van Nuys, CA
When: Jun 6, 2019
Service Category: Commercial
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Brief Explanation

In What Specific Ways Are Thermostats Important To HVAC?

There are many different types of thermostats and the type of thermostat installed can play an important role in your HVAC system's effectiveness and efficiency.

It is also important to know that the type of thermostat also depends on the HVAC equipment it controls.

A heat pump would use a different thermostat than one with an air conditioner and gas furnace.

Analog or non-programmable thermostats must be changed in person and in real time.

Some of these thermostats contain mercury and are hazardous if the bulb containing mercury is broken.

Programmable digital thermostats allow users to choose a temperature setting for specific times of the day.

Some of these thermostats can be very complex and difficult to program, but we're experienced and qualified on a variety of system types and brands.

What Are Some Benefits Of Smart Thermostats Though?

Smart thermostats have the ability to learn the homeowners' preferences and adjust accordingly.

They can be controlled by a tablet, smartphone or computer via Wi-Fi connectivity.

Some can also sense movement in the home and adjust temperature settings when someone arrives home or if the home is empty.

These type of thermostats are the most modern ones used today.

One of our customers uses their building for different group activities and events and each room is occupied during different times of the day and week.

To help with the this customer's busy schedule, we installed (8) Honeywell LCBS Connect thermostats with Gateway for remote connectivity.

These thermostats each control their own AC system and provide 24-hour monitoring for our service technicians.

Our technicians will be able to connect to the thermostats from anywhere and obtain an analysis of how the system is performing.

We'll be able to address issues before anything becomes serious and modify settings and configurations to correct problems.

If you own a building that operates various tasks, call us to see how we can provide energy and cost savings while keeping your building's occupants comfortable.

Reach out and give us a call today to assist with your Smart Thermostat Installation needs in Van Nuys, CA.

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