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Job Details

Location of Job: Los Angeles, CA
When: Oct 10, 2018
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Residential Roof Ductwork Replacement
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Brief Explanation

What Was Up With This Ductwork?

This customer was experiencing some issues in how a fair amount of rooms within her home were not getting enough warm or cool air.

Upon conducting an in-depth examination of her system, we found that the reason for her discomfort was due to poor airflow from a vastly undersized return duct.

Improper airflow reduces an HVAC system's capacity and efficiency and can quickly make a home uncomfortable to live in.

Such an issue can make a system run longer than necessary and increase energy bill much higher than they should be.

Also, some severe long term effects can be brought about to a system due to having improperly sized or installed ductwork such as reducing the lifespan of the compressor or causing cracks to the heat exchanger.

In this specific customer's case, we ended up enlarging the exposed return duct, can and grill in order to better facilitate the flow of air and get everything back up running smoothly and freely once again.

We also installed air balancing dampers and measured airflow to make sure every room was receiving the right amount of airflow to ensure the highest level of performance and comfort possible.

Overall, this ductwork replacement project couldn't have gone better, and our customer couldn't have been happier with us getting her home's air flowing again once more.

We're your local exceptional HVAC professionals when it comes to Ductwork Replacement in Los Angeles, California.

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(Translated by Google) CWP. and..Air heating is a reliable company .... honest. California. To all. Familias..y my friends .... I recommend ... intalaciones.y plumbing repairs, 100% garantiza.todos.sus work. (Original) CWP. heating and..Air ,es una compañia....honesta confiable . California. A todos. Mis familias..y… ~ Franklin Cruz - Whittier, CA

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1. How Does Ductwork Actually Work?


The #1 way nearly every HVAC system cools and heats any sort of indoor space is through the supply and return of air via air ducts.

These systems use supply ducts(also commonly know as ductwork) to deliver heated or cooled air through the supply registers located in several places, often up in ceilings and the occasional side and floor vent here and there.

Sections within these systems, known as return grills, allow air to come back to the furnace or air conditioner where it is then heated or cooled again.

This back-and-forth process of air transportation then repeats over and over again until the interior space finally reaches the correct set temperature on the thermostat.

Once this temperature is reached, air then circulates as needed in order to help keep it consistent and from fluctuating too much or too little.

2. When Can We Help Replace Your Ductwork?


CWP Heating & Air seek to receive your calls, come out to your location and meet all your specific ductwork replacement installation needs within 24-48 Hours.

We're always striving to provide Same-Day Service as well.

Quality ductwork replacement is an important process that shouldn't be ignored. And if not properly conducted, it can easily lead to more issues than it may fix.

That's why you should always choose experience over price (even though ours are already competitive anyway).

We have DECADES of Experience of providing quality HVAC services of all shapes and sizes to our customers.

We've literally worked on 1,000’s of local projects over the years and we're confident that our industry-leading technicians will help to put your mind at ease in regards to all your ductwork needs.

3. But Do We Offer Financing Options?


Yes, as a matter of fact, we do!

And the specific one which we offer is actually called P.A.C.E. Financing.

P.A.C.E. is an acronym which stands for Property Assessed Clean Energy.

This is a form of financing that was introduced not too long ago specifically for installing energy efficient HVAC units and systems.

This special offer is available to Commercial, Residential, and even Industrial projects of all shapes and sizes.

(Have a quick look at our info card below for further details, and please feel free to give us a call while you're at it.)


4. Are Our Services Legitimate Though?


Here at CWP Heating & AirALL of our HVAC technicians are Certified by the National Comfort Institue (the standard for all reputable HVAC contractors and technicians.)

Additionally, we proud to say that our company is:

1 - Both Commercial & Residential Balancer Certified

2 - Energy Star Approved Contractors

3 - CO & Combustion Analysis Certified

4 - And Economizer Certified