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Location of Job: Sylmar, CA
When: Jun 4, 2018
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: Walk-In Cooler Evaporator Replacement Sylmar, CA
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Brief Explanation

Do We Service Walk-In Cooler Evaporators?

We helped a local customer out with their walk-in cooler evaporator replacement in the Sylmar, California area.

They were initially unsure if we'd be able to help them out with this service since this project seemed more on the commercial kitchen and restaurant side of things versus say an air conditioner or a furnace.

But as one of the best HVAC businesses around, we're more than able to happily help out our local customers with all their heating and air needs, and that includes cooling as well.

This customer's old unit was a Chandler cooler evaporator which was already on its last leg so to speak.

Once we conducted the replacement and made sure that everything was properly in order and in place, our customer was figuratively, and almost literally, blow away by the brand new updated power of their new dual-fan cooler evaporator unit.

Needless to say, they hopefully won't be left out in the cold in regards to having quality cooling and large-storage refrigeration for a long, long time.

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Client Testimonial
(Translated by Google) CWP. and..Air heating is a reliable company .... honest. California. To all. Familias..y my friends .... I recommend ... intalaciones.y plumbing repairs, 100% garantiza.todos.sus work. (Original) CWP. heating and..Air ,es una compañia....honesta confiable . California. A todos. Mis familias..y… ~ Franklin Cruz - Whittier, CA

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1. What's The Difference Between A Cooler Evaporator And A Walk-In Cooler?


Walk-In Cooler - A Walk-In Cooler is the entire storage area in which food, perishable, and / or other temperature sensitive materials are stored.

They're essentially indoor refrigerator sheds.

If you've ever stepped into a full-sized cooler at a restaurant or a gas station, that's a walk-in cooler.

Replacing one of these types of units is no small task as they can often easily range from $3,000 all the way up to $12,000!

Cooler Evaporator - Now, Cooler Evaporators are the HVAC units which are INSIDE of every walk-in cooler.

These units actually do the bulk of the work in that they evaporate all of the hot from within the Walk-In Cooler and then flush it all out of the area.

No Walk-In Cooler is complete without a proper Cooling Evaporator.

They're a package deal that helps to keep thousands of restaurants, gas stations, and grocery stores up and running every single day.

So next time you step into a Walk-In Cooler, have a look up and you'll likely see a Cooler Evaporator nearby.

2. How Fast Can We Replace Your Cooler Evaporator


We seek to receive your calls, come out to your location and complete all of your installation needs within 24-48 Hours.

We're always striving to provide Same-Day Service as well

Replacements can sometimes be tricky though, especially when it comes to new commercial systems and units which are being installed.

And that's why you should always choose experience over price (even though ours are already competitive anyway).

We have DECADES of Experience of providing quality HVAC replacements of all shapes and sizes to both commercial and residential customers alike.

We've helped 1,000’s of customers over the years with all their HVAC needs, and we're confident that our industry-leading service will help to put your mind at ease.

3. What Makes Us Your Local HVAC Experts?


Here at CWP HVAC, ALL of our HVAC technicians are Certified by the National Comfort Institue (the standard for all reputable HVAC contractors and technicians.)

Additionally, we proud to say that we're:

1 - Energy Star Approved Contractors

2 - CO & Combustion Analysis Certified

3 - Economizer Certified

4 - And both Commercial & Residential Balancer Certified

4. Do We Any Special Financing Deals?


Actually, we do, and the specific one which we offer is actually called P.A.C.E. Financing.

P.A.C.E. is an acronym which stands for Property Assessed Clean Energy.

This is a form of financing that was introduced not too long ago specifically for installing energy efficient HVAC units.

This special offer is available to Commercial, Residential, and even Industrial property owner.

(Have a quick look at our info card below for further details, and please feel free to give us a call while you're at it.)


5. Why Should You Address Your Cooler Issue Now?


A lack of cold, secure storage can lead to lots of expensive trip for ice bags.

It can force you to prioritize the storage of your cold food and even make you decide whether you should just cook it all or just toss it.

And when put together, all of these lead to many lost hours of free time that could have been spent more effectively and efficiently elsewhere.

Not to mention that it often puts your productivity to a screeching halt.

Don't put off your deserved Walk-In Cooler Evaporator needs any longer.

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