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Job Details

Location of Job: Van Nuys, CA
When: Mar 21, 2018
Service Category: Commercial
Services Performed: Commercial AC Repair, Copper HVAC Repair
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Commercial AC Repair in El Monte
Brief Explanation

Why were we called out to this specific job?

Apparently, some metal thieves attempted to snap the refrigerant lines of one of our existing customer's two outdoor condensing units.

What'd Was Done To Fix The Commercial ACs?

To start with, we pumped all of the remaining refrigerant out of the units.

Once that part was taken care of, we then discovered what needed to be repaired and replaced. This involved getting a new filter drier, sight glass, and service valve.

We then pumped the system back up with some fresh refrigerant to get everything back in order.

After all of the necessary repairs had been performed, the unit was then happily back up and running to its normal working order.

Why Do Thieves Try To Steal Commercial ACs?

Believe it or not, outdoor air conditioning units are sometimes vandalized and stolen. Thieves try to remove these systems and then scrap the included copper for its value.

These types of theft tend to cause far more expensive damages then the copper is even worth stealing, but since the units don't belong to them, they don't care about this reality.

As a result, the more opportunities and items they steal, the more damage overall they leave in their wake as well.

To remove the unit, these mischief-makers tried to cut the refrigerant lines. While they thankfully failed at cutting through the lines completely, they still severely damaged them to such a point which allowed the interior Freon to escape into the atmosphere.

Freon that escapes into the air in this manner not onlydepletes the Ozone Layer, but even has the capacity to do some serious damage if inhaled excessively by cutting off oxygen to one's cells and lungs.

Below in the FAQs, we included a quick list to help you defend your AC unit(s) against such unsavory characters.

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(Translated by Google) CWP. and..Air heating is a reliable company .... honest. California. To all. Familias..y my friends .... I recommend ... intalaciones.y plumbing repairs, 100% garantiza.todos.sus work. (Original) CWP. heating and..Air ,es una compañia....honesta confiable . California. A todos. Mis familias..y… ~ Franklin Cruz - Whittier, CA

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1. Can I Protect My AC From Being Stolen?


Yes, you can. Here are some methods to consider keeping your air conditioner safe and protected from the grabby hands of metal thieves.

1- Steel security cages. These encasings lock your unit into place and prevent strangers from grabbing it and taking off.

2- GPS Trackers / Transmitter. It'll be hard for the thieves to explain to the cops why they have 6 ACs lying in the back of their pickup truck when he shows them the map signal of a stoled AD equipped with a transmitter. Busted.

3- Lock your ladders, gates, and fences. If you have a unit on top of your room, it's not uncommon for swindlers to use your own ladder to get up there and take it. Even little obstacles like locked gate doors and fence entrances give thieves more reason not to pick you for their illegal side gig.

4- Motion sensor lighting and/or security cameras. Robbers hate good lighting setups and are pretty camera shy as well, so having one or two of these around your unit is always a good move.

5- Get yourself a sturdy, brave guard dog. Maybe even name it "A.C."??

2. How Much Damage Is Caused By Metal Theft?


In the U.S. alone, copper and metal theft roughly account for $1 Billion in damages to the American economy every year!

This is mainly due to the fact that it's far more intensive and time-consuming to replace stolen parts and appliances than it is for thieves to take them.

Add in even MORE problems that arise from the improper extraction of such metals and equipment in a rushed, brutish manner and metal theft quickly becomes a true nuisance to the everyday lives of Americans.

3. Are We The Genuine Article?


CWP Heating & Air has over a dozen years of experience in the industry.

Furthermore, all of our technicians are fully certified by the National Comfort Institute.<?u>

We also have over 10,000+ installations, repairs, and services to our name.

We'll be more than happy to provide you with all or your HVAC needs, be they commercial or residential.

4. When Can We Repair Your AC?


We're able to assist a majority of our customers within 24-48 hours or sooner once they give us a call.

We even do same-day HVAC work much of the time.

5. What Makes Us Stand Out From The Rest?


Surprisingly, close to 95% of California's HVAC contractors do not adjust or design units with California's average 75° standard temperature in mind. We, however, gladly do.

We also stand out by tailoring each visit to our customers' personal needs and specifications.

Here at CWP, we view you as a valued part of our community, and once you've seen us in action, we believe you'll view us the same way as well.

6. What To Expect From Us?


We're a local business and we pride ourselves on providing courteous and respectful service that keeps your need at the center at all times.

We're considerate of your time by arriving at our appointments when scheduled and by providing thorough quality work that speaks for itself. Always.


Do We Offer Quotes?

Of course, we do!  It is simple.  Just give us a call, send us a text or send us an email using the form on this site to contact us for a quote.