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We Keep Up On Our Training, Every Year.

  1. CO & Combustion Analysis Certification (Pictured)
  2. We can verify your system isn't sending harmful gasses into your space.
  3. We Are Both Commercial & Residential Balancer Certified
  4. This helps us make sure your system lasts a long time
  5. We Are Also Economizer Certified
  6. Your AC unit & furnace will run much more efficiently thanks to this training
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Our Experience Makes Us Exceptional

Did You Know We've Serviced Over 10,000 HVAC Systems?

Many companies with much longer tenure have fewer units serviced.

We are happy to say that we have focused on our customers' needs and it has come across in the quantity of quality repairs, HVAC installations and service calls we've done.

Our Techs Only Use The Best Equipment

8 Trucks, Air Balancing Equipment, Combustion Analyzers (Certified To Do Testing), Flow Heads, Video Cameras To Inspect Duct Work

We Work Hard For Good Reviews

Actually, We Work Hard & Hope We Warrant Good Reviews. Here Are Some To Read.

Pat E

El Monte, CA

Date: Feb 22, 2018
Very professional, courteous and knowledgeable! Great Service.

Kenneth P.

Fullerton, CA

Date: Sep 2, 2017
I would like to commend this company on their professionalism and competence of their entire staff! most companies will give you a song and dance of what you need, and this can only be done if you do this and so on. but from the first call I made to them Jay the gate keeper or the dispatcher in this case, was very calm, professional and explained to me that although they were booked for the day, he would see if he could get me work in. As it was in the 100's all this week, I continued to look around on a Friday at 12:00pm knowing I had little chance of success with labor day coming on Monday. To my surprise Jay called me back, and Phil showed up at the time designated was certified and quickly solved my problem. so if you're looking for great friendly service with a company who will not cheat you and do you right the very first time, I really recommend this company to you.

Christopher T.

Los Angeles, CA

Date: Jun 24, 2017
After having another company state that the $600 circuit board was bad, and then failing to show up (after I took the day off work), Franklin showed up and found that there was a short in the system from condenser to the unit in the attic (Shorts are very difficult to locate, especially when they are intermittant). He corrected it, tested it, and left. I was still having some issues with the system, and called back. They were VERY apologetic, and came back within hours. He found that there were some worn wires on the roof, that only shorted out when the wind hit wires and moved them. Because of this, they re-wired the entire system, at NO FURTHER CHARGE. It was included in the original charge. They were so great, I bought a three year maintenance plan, and the total bill was still less than the original company quoted. If I could give them 10 stars I would. These guys are honest, and they care a great deal about customer satisfaction, and even vacuumed the carpet under the attic access, because a tiny bit of insulation fell out. I just cannot say enough good things about CWP Heating and Air in Whittier. If you have any problems. Call these guys.

Meet Some Of The CWP Team!

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We Asked Phillip Why He Started CWP.

Then We Asked Him Why CWP Is Different.

I started getting interested in HVAC about 20 years ago. I had an AC guy that did an installation at my home. I got to know him.

I was doing plumbing back then but we discussed how to get an AC License. He said, "Get your license and I will come and work for you."

I got my license.

True to his word, he quit his job and he & I started the business out of my garage. We decided we would primarily focus on quality and installations. We knew we needed to always be educated in this industry.

So we became a member of the National Comfort Institute. They train HVAC contractors. Since it was paid for by the utility companies, they wanted it done correctly.

Through that program we have been able to become experts at measuring system performance. I now design systems from the ground up. These designs are accepted by Edison as valid systems designs for homes and they are not over-sized, which is a common problem because many HVAC contractors aren't trained to economize or balance the HVAC systems they install.

We do combustion analysis. Which means after furnace installed we can test the furnace and make sure it is operating safely. We measure the air flow and adjust the system to perform the way we designed it.

After the install is complete we measure the performance to make sure we have the right air flow. Then we charge system with refrigerant & make sure it performs perfectly. Not many other companies do this, in fact only about 1 out of 100.

Not only did we get into HVAC and continue our education (Me & Leo, the owners), but we continue to educate our employees, too. They go to the Institute for training so that our field services are better and better performing. We can identify deficiencies on duct work and equipment. Our model is always to be on the cutting edge via education.

We are about 1% of all the contractors in California that specialize in certain services. A lot of the companies just want to sell a system and they don't care about the design. What they say is, "What is the square footage? Oh, you need x."

With us we measure the home, calculate what the heat is based on climate zone and then we identify what you need. We get the numbers with high end tech before we sell. We might be a little pricier, but our focus is still on quality, specifically, we focus on air quality.

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