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We Have Installed & Repaired Over 10,000 HVAC Systems

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  • The Air Conditioner Isn't Working; It's Warm, Not Cool!
  • I'm Freezing, The Furnace Is Not Blowing Warm Air.
  • I Need A New System Installed, The Old One Is Inefficient
  • I Want An Annual Service Tune Up On My HVAC System
  • I Want A New AC Unit, What Is SEER?
  • I Need A Commercial HVAC System Designed & Installed

Broken HVAC Units Are A Nightmare...

You Get Too Hot Or Cold.

We Can Get Your HVAC System Running Right!

We Can Help Right Away.

We are able to help most of our customers within 24-48 hours of their call.

We even do same-day HVAC work much of the time.

Of course, we also make it easy to set up a time that is more convenient for you.


You Need Working HVAC. We'll Deliver!

When you call, you will speak with Abraham.

He will set up your service call and follow up to make sure you were taken care of right.

The man on the left is Phillip. He owns the company and you can reach him, too.


We're Truly HVAC Experts

You can't just wake up one day and be an expert. Instead you have to be like us:

NCI Certified. Every tech, every year.

10,000+ Installs, repairs, services

Over a dozen years of experience bring us a deep understanding of HVAC systems.


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You'll Love Working With Us!

1. We Are A Local Business; Keeping You At The Focus

2. We Have Honest, Skilled Professional Technicians

3. Enough Experience To Challenge The Largest Companies.

4. We Make & Keep Our Appointments On Time

5. We Treat You With Courtesy & Respect!

6. We Give You Our Time With Thorough, Quality Work

We Can Prove Ourselves.

These Jobs Showcase Our Hard Work

When we come to your home, we will take pictures. Most of these are for your sake, but occasionally we post these pictures, along with their stories, here for our customers to read.

These jobs can show you the quality of work we do, they help explain the challenges we face and overcome and they show you the different types of work we do.

See all of our work in the "Pictures" section in the menu.

Here Are 3 Recent HVAC Services

Mitsubishi HVAC Installation in Glendale, CA

Brief Explanation:

Ductless Mini-Split HVAC Systems are easier to install and will save hours on labor and hassles.

These systems, made by companies like Mitsubishi, are adaptive, highly energy-efficient, and are sure to help make your home or business space more comfortable.

Certified Mitsubishi HVAC Service El Monte, CA

Brief Explanation:

We recently completed a certification course for Mitsubishi Electric regarding their new state-of-the-art HVAC units.

Curious to learn some more about what mini-split systems are and what they may have to offer to your space?

Smart Thermostat Installation Van Nuys, CA

Brief Explanation:

Smart thermostats have the ability to learn your specific HVAC schedule & preferences and adjust the entire system accordingly.

Give Us A Call To Help With All Of Your Thermostat Installation needs Today!

We Give You Honest High-Quality Work

We Are Commercial HVAC Systems Experts, Too.

Don't Take CWP HVAC's Word

Our Customers Also Say We Are Good At What We Do.

Pat E

El Monte, CA

Date: Feb 22, 2018
Very professional, courteous and knowledgeable! Great Service.

Kenneth P.

Fullerton, CA

Date: Sep 2, 2017
I would like to commend this company on their professionalism and competence of their entire staff! most companies will give you a song and dance of what you need, and this can only be done if you do this and so on. but from the first call I made to them Jay the gate keeper or the dispatcher in this case, was very calm, professional and explained to me that although they were booked for the day, he would see if he could get me work in. As it was in the 100's all this week, I continued to look around on a Friday at 12:00pm knowing I had little chance of success with labor day coming on Monday. To my surprise Jay called me back, and Phil showed up at the time designated was certified and quickly solved my problem. so if you're looking for great friendly service with a company who will not cheat you and do you right the very first time, I really recommend this company to you.

Christopher T.

Los Angeles, CA

Date: Jun 24, 2017
After having another company state that the $600 circuit board was bad, and then failing to show up (after I took the day off work), Franklin showed up and found that there was a short in the system from condenser to the unit in the attic (Shorts are very difficult to locate, especially when they are intermittant). He corrected it, tested it, and left. I was still having some issues with the system, and called back. They were VERY apologetic, and came back within hours. He found that there were some worn wires on the roof, that only shorted out when the wind hit wires and moved them. Because of this, they re-wired the entire system, at NO FURTHER CHARGE. It was included in the original charge. They were so great, I bought a three year maintenance plan, and the total bill was still less than the original company quoted. If I could give them 10 stars I would. These guys are honest, and they care a great deal about customer satisfaction, and even vacuumed the carpet under the attic access, because a tiny bit of insulation fell out. I just cannot say enough good things about CWP Heating and Air in Whittier. If you have any problems. Call these guys.

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El Monte, CA

We Can Make Your Home Cooler

We Just Need To Work On Your Air Conditioner.

Don't Worry About The Cost.

We will make sure you are aware of how much cost there is each step of the way. We strive to be very fair and beat out much of our competition.

We also offer P.A.C.E. financing.

PACE stands for Property Assessed Clean Energy. It is a means of financing energy efficiency upgrade installations for residential, commercial and industrial property owners.


Basically, if we can make your house more efficient by getting you a new HVAC central air system, you can qualify.

At the end of the day, we want to make sure you don't overspend, get great quality work and most of all, we want to make sure you get the right air conditioner or furnace for your home here in El Monte.


We serve the entire San Gabriel Valley, though, so all are neighbors are welcome to this financing option!

Don't Wait Till It's Too Hot

We Can Repair Your AC Today!

We Really Are The Best HVAC Contractors

We have years of experience to make sure that your repair or installation is done right.

We are even regularly consulted with on repairs that are not for our direct customers.

We are certified, every year, by the National Comfort Institute, a nationally-recognized certification and training board.

heating-company-el monte -california









Additionally, we make sure to be Certified in all of the most innovative and forward-pushing HVAC solutions and unit times that are on the market.

Because of these reasons and more our service is of the highest caliber. Our quality is outstanding.

We even have the reviews to prove it!

Don't Delay Any Longer

Call & Let Us Make Your Home Comfortable Again

Call Us: (626) 658-4330

Text Us: (626) 658-4330

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Send Us A Written Letter


El Monte, CA


We are mobile HVAC service contractors. We travel between Pasadena to Covina to La Habra to Cerritos.

We can repair your air conditioner, you furnace or even your venting system.

We do NOT offer vent or duct cleaning, though. Please don't ask (sorry!)


1. Does CWP HVAC El Monte Offer Financing?



We offer financing on installations. In fact we offer HERO loans under the PACE program.

Go to our page on HVAC financing or read the picture below to understand more.


2. What Is A SEER Rating?


Manufacturers are required to build their new units that meet a minimum SEER rating. The test procedure, as required by the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI 210/240.48), is at 80° indoor temperature. That means they test the efficiency of the unit as it heats or cools to 80º.

Higher SEER ratings typically mean less operating costs.

But, tell me, do you always keep your home at 80ºF?

Yeah, me neither. We usually have it around 72º or so. You probably do too.

California Is A Different Place

These ratings are often incorrect for California residents because of our actual climate conditions and indoor temperature preferences. Actually, the SEER ratings are usually exaggerated, meaning they seem better than they really might be.

Also, the rating of an outdoor unit can actually be lower depending on what type of furnace and evaporator coil it’s matched with.

Finally, leaking or uninsulated and under-sized ductwork will have a detrimental effect on how long your equipment takes to run and reach a certain temperature.

Worse, 90% of companies install equipment without considering any of these significant factors. 

That leaves you with a new & "high-efficiency" product, but with a higher than needed utility bill.

CWP Heating & Air is different.

We carefully consider the unique conditions at your home in order to help you best choose the equipment that will return to you the best efficiency and comfort that you are looking for.

We examine your home’s layout, it's insulation, and we test for air leakage. These are all factors that contribute to how much energy your system uses and how much money you will ultimately save. Then we get our designs are approved by SoCalGas and SCE.

Ultimately, We Offer Quiet, Comfort, & Cost-Efficiency.


3. Are There Any Rebates Available For Furnaces?



Rebates Are Available Through The SoCalGas Furnace Rebate Program

CWP is a participating contractor working with SoCalGas on helping customers get the most out of a quality furnace installation.

Check the SoCalGas website for current rebate offers on installation of a 90% furnace (or higher).

It's that simple.

4. Do You Service Commercial HVAC Systems?



We do commercial air conditioning service as well as other commercial HVAC services.

We also offer long-term maintenance contracts to keep your commercial HVAC system running at peak efficiency and keep it lasting longer, thus saving your business more money in the long-term.

commercial air conditioner

5. I Saw CWP In Whittier. Is It The Same?


Yes. Our company headquarters are in Whittier and we are incorporated as CWP Heating & Air.

We are branded with CWP HVAC in El Monte and we are also known (improperly) as CWP Heating & Cooling.

Although we offer heating and cooling services, and HVAC is our bread & butter, our proper name is CWP Heating & Air.

cwp heating and air whittier location

6. You Offer "Combustion Analysis" What Is It?


A combustion analysis is performed to improve fuel efficiency, safety of the equipment, conform with manufacturer guidelines, and to determine the amount of undesired emissions produced. Carbon monoxide is poisonous and can cause flu like symptoms or death.

Here are several common FAQs about a combustion analysis we do:

  • Q: Can my furnace be checked for carbon monoxide if it is not working?
  • A: No. The furnace must be operational to test for carbon monoxide. A visual inspection can be done of the heat exchanger/firebox, but a visual inspection does not reveal cracks in hard to see areas.
  • Q: If my furnace is repaired, should a combustion safety test be done?
  • A: Yes, after your furnace is repaired, testing for carbon monoxide and system performance is highly recommended.
  • Q: When should a carbon monoxide test be done?
  • A: Such a test should be done after a new furnace installation, after a furnace has been repaired and if your low level carbon monoxide detector alerts you of the presence of carbon monoxide.
  • Q: Are all carbon monoxide detectors the same?
  • A: No, some carbon monoxide detectors alert at 70 ppm 1-4 hours, will display over 30 ppm and protect only healthy adults. Low level CO monitors will alert at 15 ppm after 5 minutes, display at 5 ppm and protect everyone including young, old and those in poor health.
  • Q: Are all air conditioning companies certified or have the proper equipment for testing?
  • A: No. It is best to ask the company you call out to service your gas appliance if they are certified and if they have the proper equipment to diagnose your equipment.
  • Q: After my furnace is replaced or repaired, what should I expect to receive from the technician indicating that my furnace is safe to operate?
  • A: You should receive a report for the test results or a print-out from the test equipment, if available. You may get both, a print-out and report, of the test results.
  • Q: If I have more questions or concerns about carbon monoxide, who can I contact?
  • A: You can call CWP Heating and Air Inc. at (626) 658-4330 or your local gas company.

no-this-didn't-happen-because-of-no-furnace-repair in el monte

No, this didn't happen because of a lack of service, but it sure looks dramatic!